Sincere Image is

N. Alicia Halla
La Jefa
Business license # 1053381

Here at Sincere Image, I can support you because I believe in you.

I won't take on a job I can't get behind. 

Through this creative agency, I will tell your story, "paint" your picture, and create your social identity with integrity. I can highlight your great qualities without pretending you're something else. People can know you because they see YOU.

In line with our growing digital society, we are not bound by our physical location, (in most cases).

History in the name

The name Sincere Image refers to the agency’s culture of integrity. 

The word sincere is taken from Latin, (sine ceras - “without wax”), a translation of the Greek word, eilikrineias, (εἰλικρινείας - “sun tested.”) 

The story goes there were Greek merchants selling broken pottery, filling their cracked goods with wax.

When customers used their purchases, the wax melted, discovering the defects. Merchants with integrity began hanging signs by their goods, stating, ‘EILIKRINEIAS,’ meaning  sun-tested; 

put another way, ‘SINCERE,’ meaning without wax.

Here at Sincere Image, everything from how the job is done to the clients served are upright and authentic.


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